Choosing Cover Songs : Decide on an Audience and Know the Songs They Like

When trying to get your musical talent noticed and at the same time appreciated via YouTube, know that it takes more than a good singing voice to achieve that goal. You may have an exceptional voice quality and that you can perform cover songs nearly as well as the original music artist — but would those be enough?

First off, there is always the question of which songs will make your voice sound better than that of other singing aspirants, or for that matter, the original artist? Why stick to being a copycat or be one of the run-of-the-mill type of performers? Strive to be different, yet at the same time, know which songs reach a wider range of audience. That way, you can boost the number of listeners who will appreciate that difference.

One of the things you may be overlooking when choosing a cover song are the stats on who listens to what. You may be choosing cover songs from the list of pop songs, but are they the best fit for the age demographic you are initially targeting?

Keep in mind that in order to get your youtube views growing, you must also apply effort in promoting and circulating them in your social media circle. That being said, it would also be wise to consider the age demographic of the listeners to which you will be promoting your YouTube videos.

Just to give you an idea of the kind of info to look into when choosing cover songs, look at the top three music genres to which nearly all music lovers listen; namely Pop Music, Classic Rock and Rock & Roll.

Pop Music

According to Statistica, this music genre is a top favorite among respondents belonging to different age brackets. Fifty-two percent (52%) of those between 16 and 19 prefer to listen to pop music, while a lower percentage also likes Classic Rock and Rock & Roll.

A higher percentage of 54% and 56% of respondents falling under the 20 – 24 and 25 – 34 age brackets respectively, also like listening to Pop Music. The proportion of respondents belonging to the 35-44 age group who listen to Pop Music is less than half at 46%, but should not be dismissed easily.

Keep looking at the stats of the other two genres to analyze the data further.

Classic Rock

Statistica’s survey shows that the highest percentage of listeners for this music genre comes from the 44 to 54 (62%), 55 to 64 (60% and 65 + (48%) age brackets. A lower percentage of respondents under 25 – 34 and 35 – 44 age groups gave indication that they also like listening to Classic Rock. The proportions they represent is 44% and 46% respectively; lower but still significant.

Rock & Roll

Take note that many of those who indicated they also like Rock & Roll belong to the 45 – 54 (49%) and 55 – 64 (40%) age range. Yet when looking at the percentage of those under 25 to 34 (40%)and 35 to 44 (42%) age brackets, the respondents indicated they also like listening to rock and roll.

In comparing those data, it shows that music lovers belonging to the 25 – 24 and 35 – 44 age groups, avidly listen to nearly all kinds of music genre, whether Pop Music, Classic Rock or Rock & Roll

In conclusion, what is being suggested here is that when choosing cover songs to record for your YouTube channel, it would be wise to choose those that appeal to different age demographics. That way you will expose your talent to many music loving audience.

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