Does Music Make Sense In The Background Of Websites?

Many webmasters and their clients consider it a good idea to automatically play background music or thematically appropriate sounds when entering the company website. This would ultimately like in a supermarket have a positive effect on the mood of the visitors.

Number of reasons to speak about against music in the office

Unfortunately, from a usability point of view with corporate websites, there are a number of reasons that speak against it. Mainly business topics are surfed in the workplace and music is annoying because you don’t want to attract attention or because there are already various other sources of noise in an office. Apart from the fact that it would be very difficult to meet the visitor’s musical taste.

Review sites: How does music affect people’s concentration?

Most of you will probably only know a fraction of the pieces, symphonies, melodies and songs that can now be heard in every imaginable language. The selection of genres in which music is composed and produced in different ways is almost endless. It all started with a flute made of bone, which is around 35,000 years old. Nowadays, in purely theoretical terms, you only need the computer to generate sounds and imitate real instruments. Some websites play background music. This way, you can be entertained when reading this review.

When you listen to music, you are able to create a picture in your head for every song based on emotions, experiences, preferences and the like. You usually memorize this image, which is why people are often asked about the titles of certain songs because they have heard them on the radio, for example. In addition, over time, the brain increasingly establishes connections the more diverse the music one has already heard. You associate a rather calm and harmonious atmosphere with jazz, while rock music, among other things, has a rather quick and quick-tempered effect on us.

Music is said to have a particularly massive impact on concentration, which is either accompanied by singing or is timed quickly. This means that a relatively large number of tones are played in a short time. Quiet music, mainly instrumentals, with a slow beat and harmonic sounds are generally more helpful than disturbing for you.