Music: Influencing our social behavior – There are so much culture and beauty available in genres of music. Needless to say, most of us have different tastes. I am quite partial to what’s commonly called “Indie” music. I have friends that are partial to country music, favoring catchy melodies and relatable lyrics.

My brother likes rap and hip-hop’s properties. Even with tens of thousands of musicians, there are thousands of sub-categories in these categories all. These enthusiasts frequently belittle and swear by their taste in music.  Sister and his moms are both singers and his father recorded and composed music for ages. He is a great drummer and played in concert band for much of his schooling.

He has a history in music but would swear that hip-hop and rap do not qualify as music. He didn’t see it shoved forward music and didn’t enjoy it. It had no relevance to his civilization, so it was disregarded by him.

Music has the property of being a kind of the language for a subculture. Hip-Hop and rap are tied to upbringings and urban areas. Country music is played in South and the Midwest.

This music provides a simple way to us to interact on an emotional level with strangers and to relate to one another. It can provoke a huge variety of emotions and anger to joy and affection. I hear it said that youth culture is being influenced by artists, but I’d propose the opposite is true. Popular music is a reflection.

My friend grew up in a family surrounded by music. My expectation is that as he grew up, he recognized is an awesome window into a culture. Music is a remarkably simple, accessible way. I feel that, given the proper exposure, it might be one of the tools that are most unifying our generation has to offer.