Drive-In Music Festivals: A Solution For Our Live Music Cravings During COVID-19

Drive In Theater


Since the epidemic of COVID-19, leading music festivals like Coachella, Burning Man, Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, and Glastonbury were some of the countless events across the world which were made to reschedule or cancel their 2020 iterations.

To satisfy up the requirement of a weary audience stuck in home a tide of on the web festivals have since happened, however it can not be denied that seeing from the sofa isn’t a contrast to have it are now living at a place. Today nevertheless numerous European places have produced an answer, a drive-in festival. Now that is something to drive for music festivals in California (just make sure you call towing San Jose when you get into roadside problems).

Like many places globally, social distancing steps have been enforced in Denmark. But a place in partnership having an artist put a live affair that attracts people together like a drive-in theater, minus needing to leave their cars. The series sold out with more than 500 tickets purchased in a really brief time also it happened from the outskirts of Aarhus. This had been headlined by singer-songwriter Mads Langer along with also his performance had been broadcast via radio for people to listen by using their car radios to receive the most effective noise however far back they were. Cars seem to be spaced in rather big openings to allow anybody to go and come.

Meanwhile, farther south in Germany, there is just another drive-in festival however that one had been pushing a tougher electronic noise. From the video which surfaced online, the cars have been crammed together in rows, together with lots of honking their horns for their own preferred drops. This occurrence, nevertheless, seems to have depended upon the place’s audio system, meaning that the adventure might have been desirable to individuals at the trunk, and also the blaring horns may possibly have interfered with the listening experience.


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By both these events, we are able to easily see that they have been pretty full indicating that there was also, in reality, a requirement for such events. Nevertheless, fans’ experiences are restricted to noise hinges, and also the places used. In terms of the German incident, it had been allegedly tough to authorities’ attendees from honking their horns and awarded exactly how the cars have left no one except people at the trunk can render. What’s more, lots of us like to head into events to enable loose and get ourselves a small percentage, this is in violation of legislation in many areas of the earth.

While the pandemic continues to wreak havoc over the planet, there’s actually a cloud of uncertainty concerning if the conventional operation can come back for live audio events, there’s not any probability of social distancing in ordinary event surroundings. If festivals were permitted a report found that over 60 percent of individuals in the united states wouldn’t normally attend such events before there is a vaccine. In Australia just 40 percent said that they mightn’t attend however, Australia’s Chief Medical Officer reported that events together with large parties such as nightclubs and festivals may likely be permitted until a vaccine has been available.

As examples being receded, we could find out a lot of the drive-in festivals or more quirky and advanced theories just such as the drive-in shows could appear upon the world, so what’s next? Perhaps we might soon find a festival at which most of the attendees come in bubbles that will allow individuals to be always only just a little closer to these actions and dancing around.