What does a Music Promoter Do?

Music promoter’s job is to promote and publicize performances. Promoters are also organizing gigs, booking artists or bands and advertising shows that will bring audience which then equates to profit.

In-Depth Look to a Music Promoter

Normally, these people are working with a band manager or an artist to plan events. They agree to a certain date and search for appropriate venue. It is the responsibility of the promoter to negotiate for fees for the artist and promote the event via different channels be it on TV, radio, email or digital advertising. They also make sure that the artist will have everything that they are going to need offstage including sound checks, accommodations, foods and so forth. So if ever the artist has their best tube amp missing or forgotten it by accident, the music promoter will look one for them.

In most cases, the promoter is creating a contract that outlines the terms and conditions of the agreement. This will include well the promoter’s fee, rehearsal schedule, duration of the band’s performance and other requirements

They are also the ones who are working in regular office and might either have a team or assistant. Some are opting to meet with clienteles offsite at restaurants or any entertainment locations agreed on while others prefer working online or through the phone.

How to become a Music Promoter?

As a matter of fact, there is no formal education required to be one. The most important skill in this industry is the love of the industry itself. On the other hand, having a degree in marketing or business is proven to be helpful. On top of that, being able to have an effective negotiation skill will be vital as promoters normally bargain with venues, artists, hotels and a lot more.

Furthermore, it is important to have thorough understanding of the different elements of the business. Reading music trade magazines may just help to see recent developments and to how events are being put together. Whenever possible, try getting internship with event management company to get experience and knowledge that can back you up in your journey.