Musicians, More Relatable as Sneaker Endorsers

Sneaker brand endorsements are now coming from musicians and other famous celebrities with whom a larger section of the audience can relate. Generally, people wear sneakers and listen to music, while not all sneaker wearers are into sports. Musicians after all, are perfect models on how sneakers fit in the lifestyle of ordinary people.

While iconic athletic shoes have great value to sneakerheads, the comfy dad shoes are still the market leaders because they speak for themselves in terms of lifestyle performance. That is why savvy leading dad-shoe manufacturer New Balance, gets organic endorsements from musicians who get spotted wearing stylish NB sneakers, even during stage performances.

Musicians are Spotted Wearing NB Sneakers Outside of Commercial Endorsements

Actually, NB gets a lot of free endorsements from a host of celebrities who wear NB sneakers not because of sponsorship deals; but for the simple reason that they genuinely find this brand of footwear the right fit for their lifestyle. Through the years, the likes of Rhianna, Chris Brown, Adam Levine and other music artists have been photographed wearing NB sneakers like it’s the most natural footwear for them.

Hollywood stars like Jennifer Garner and Reese Witherspoon are often seen in public wearing NB sneakers while doing their housewifely chores. The most recent famous personality who has demonstrated a great liking for New Balance shoes is no less than the Duchess of Cambridge and future queen of England, HRH Kate Middleton. That probably led England’s younger generation of sneaker lovers to the discovery of the features that made the American-made dad shoes, iconic.

NB Relaunches 990 Series in Collaboration with a Creative Musical Director and Consultant

As a matter of fact, NB’s newest marketing and promotional strategy includes teaming up with world-renowned London-based creative consultant Tremaine Emory. A Georgia-born American, who grew up in Jamaica, Queens, NY, Emory has a lot of insight about American streetwear, street music and nightlife scenes, which he puts into good use through his No Vacancy Inn (NVI) consultancy firm.

In December 2019, the NB-NVI partnership came out with a “WATER & WIFI” theme in relaunching new designs for the NB 990 series, the ultra popular, chunky dad shoes that came out in the 80s. Readers who want to find out more about the new NB 990 releases, can learn more from several user video reviews, like the new balance 993 review below:

NB Partners with Independent Spotify Artist Josh Harlow

Despite the natural endorsements coming from famous artists and celebrities, NB officially partnered with rising artist Josh Harlow, one of several rappers featured in Spotify’s “The Fearless One” collection. The collection by the way, was curated by another known NB fan, Jaden Smith.

Josh Harlow, is technically a certified sneakerhead who can talk endlessly about his sneaker collection, which he now officially calls his “Closet Balance.” Mainly because nearly all of the 40 to 50 sneakers he has collected, except for 1 or 2, are all New Balance brands. Josh genuinely loves them, so much so that he calls himself a New Balance Guy.