Pillars of Creating Good Music

There is something amazing when it comes to music-making. The truth is, there are some societies in the world believing that musicians are the gifts of gods. No doubt, music can either be a talent or gift. We’ve watched a number of prodigies who were naturally born with this gift while some are nurturing it. In this modern-day and age, if you have talent in music, you can make a good money out of it.

This is true; given the fact that there are many platforms that you can get into. For example, you can buy automatic Instagram likes to have more exposure on your account and increase your followers.

In the world of classical music on the other hand, Mozart stood for over quarter of a millennium being a gifted child who have written pieces at just a ripe age of 5. On the other hand, the feat of playing music that has been displayed by talented folks is a culmination of different aspects and they are discussed in the next lines.

Number 1. Eyes

It is through your eyes how you are reading music sheet from the:

  • Perception of key signature
  • Tempo
  • Articulation
  • Time signature

This and many more are all read by the eyes. Having said that, it is extremely important that you train your eyes.

Number 2. Brain

The ability for reproducing what you see what you have learned and to recall and know the tones of scale, chords, intervals, progressions and the likes falls on this.

The more you take time to read, the more you easily understand the music notes and retain them to your brain.

Number 3. Hands & Feet

In this aspect, it is bridging the gap between the musician’s mind and ear. It takes movements of the hands and feet in translating thoughts into sounds.

Number 4. Ear

In musicians, this is considered as the “core”. You can easily play music even if you’re born blind. You can use Braille to help you read music sheet. Even without the music sheet, a blind musician can still play through their ears. Story is different when a person is deaf. It is just impossible to have a musician who is deaf. Without discrimination, it is impossible for them to listen to tones, chords and everything in between.